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"I think we're put here on earth to make your own destiny, to begin with....."
-Waylon Jennings

My name is Allen Higgs, I started playin guitar and singin around middle school I've always sang its always been country and southern rock. I've had bands but i been doin acoustic lately. Singing has always been my dream and I'm hoping to hit the big stage someday. My influences are Justin Moore, Brantley Gilbert, Easton Corbin,Jason Aldean, George Strait, Hank Jr,Waylon Jennings, Chris Cagle, Alan Jackson Johnny Cash and many more. My friends and family have played a big part in who i am today and why i enjoy singin. At a very early age i was singin to my parents and neither of us even knew what i was sayin. Then I started beatin on my headrest drumset in my moms car. My dad baught me my first drumset which drove my mom wild. I learned how to play and it was like it came naturally. I have never taken any kind of vocal or music classes. Mostly everything i have learned has been off youtube or learnin from friends. Theres not a day i regret pickin up a guitar for the first time. I really hope to bring good music to all of you, my future fans. I want to thank all of you for standin by my side and tellin me I can, or tellin me allen it sounds like shit try again haha. thanks everybody. love yall!